Signs Your Dental Implant Needs Attention


Dental Patient O Fallon ILDental implants are the gold standard in teeth replacement. Unlike any other type of restoration, they offer a replacement for the missing tooth as well as the missing tooth root. This ensures your prosthetic tooth (or teeth) is securely anchored into your jawbone for a confident and durable smile. Implants involve the surgical placement of a titanium post into the jaw. The implant will fuse to the surrounding bone and form a firm foundation for a dental implant restoration to be attached on top. Depending on how many teeth you are replacing, the implant restoration can involve a custom crown, bridge or denture. (more…)

An Easy Way to Reclaim a Youthful Smile


Teeth Whitening O' Fallon, ILYou can have healthy, well-aligned teeth and still have a dingy-looking smile. Staining and discoloration on your teeth are very hard to avoid, especially as you age. Whether it’s coffee, red wine or smoking, daily habits can sabotage the brightness of your smile over time. Unfortunately, yellow and stained teeth can make you less approachable and look much older than you really are. (more…)

Is It Time to Replace Your Dental Filling?


Dental Patient O Fallon, IL When you have a cavity or minor area of damage within a tooth, a dental filling is often the means to repair it. While fillings can vary in material (amalgam versus composite), they all have a certain lifespan or finite period of time until they begin to fail. There is no concrete rule on how long you can personally expect your filling to last, but there are some warning signs that may suggest you need a replacement. Once your filling starts to fail, it is important to act promptly and make an appointment with your dentist. (more…)

Holistic Approach to a Healthy Mouth


Happy Dental Patient O' Fallon IL When it comes to keeping healthy teeth and gums, there is no replacement for daily brushing and flossing and regular dental visits. However, nature also provides us with some very helpful ways to protect and boost your oral health. Check out the following plant-based remedies in preventative dental care:

Oil of Oregano to Halt or Slow Decay
Not all cavities must be treated right away. Sometimes a small area of decay needs to be monitored more closely to make sure it doesn’t grow or spread. Oil of Oregano is a natural antiseptic that has been used to not only prevent tooth decay but possibly slow cavity growth. (more…)

What is Dry Socket?


Pain After Tooth Extraction O'Fallon ILDry socket is a very painful dental condition that you won’t have to worry about until you get a tooth extracted. In fact, wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common procedures associated with dry socket. While you will certainly be given a list of instructions for avoiding dry socket after tooth removal, it is important to understand exactly what the condition entails and the risks involved.

While most extraction procedures involve a simple oral surgery and smooth recovery, they do pose the risk of dry socket. Dry socket, also called alveolar osteitis, is a condition that can develop if the blood clot after tooth removal does not form or gets disturbed. This can create significant pain for the patient. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this as well as treat dry socket if the condition occurs. (more…)

Could Flossing Reduce Your Risk for Oral Cancer?


Dental Procedure O' Fallon ILAre you flossing every day? A staggering number of Americans neglect this important oral hygiene task. Perhaps if more patients understood the cause-and-effect relationship between flossing and health, it would keep them motivated. Flossing helps prevent bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay. But did you know that flossing may also protect you against oral cancer?

We know that oral cancer risk factors include alcohol consumption, tobacco use, HPV, sun exposure, genetics and a weakened immune system. However, current research also includes poor oral hygiene as a potential risk factor for mouth cancer. In fact, recent studies have discovered that people who floss at least once a day are invariably less likely to develop oral cancer. The study compared behaviors of individuals who developed oral cancer and those who did not. Researchers saw that people who did not develop cancer went to the dentist once a year and flossed at least once a day. (more…)

Are Lumineers Right For You?


For a cosmetic dentist, one of the quickest and most effective ways to create a beautiful smile is to use veneers. Veneers are typically shells of porcelain that are bonded on the front surface of the teeth to hide imperfections. This cosmetic dental solution offers remarkable versatility, as veneers can address mild to moderate malocclusion, teeth with unsightly gaps, broken teeth, chipped teeth and even teeth that are extremely discolored. A highlighted advantage is that multiple flaws can be fixed in one procedure – saving time and money for the patient. (more…)

Can You Blame Your Parents for Bad Teeth?


Family Dentistry O Fallon, ILDo you feel like you need a cavity filled every time you visit the dentist? While we know that tooth decay is largely preventable with proper dental hygiene and routine dental visits, there is also evidence that suggests that genetics can play a role in one’s susceptibility to cavities. If you are diligent in your oral hygiene and still find yourself with frequent cavities, you may be able to blame your parents.

Why Dental Issues Just Can’t Wait


Female Dental Patient in Chair O'Fallon, ILLife is full of unexpected problems. While a broken chair in your dining room or noisy garage door are not cause for immediate action, issues within your dental health just can’t wait. In fact, putting off or neglecting dental treatment can lead to far worse problems than you started out with.

Dental problems can come in a variety of forms, from a sudden toothache or jaw symptoms to receding gums or painful sensitivity. Unless you are a certified dentist with an x-ray machine at your home, there’s little chance you’re accurately diagnosing your dental issues on your own. A trip to the dentist is almost always in order. (more…)

3 Signs Your Partner Has Sleep Apnea


Man in Bed Snoring While SleepingAs you may have already discovered, not everyone sleeps peacefully. There are many sleep conditions that can make a person toss and turn or make noises while they snooze. Among the most serious sleep conditions is Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea refers to multiple pauses in breathing throughout the night due to airway obstruction. Unfortunately, untreated sleep apnea can affect more than just your quality of sleep. It can impact your daytime energy, your ability to concentrate and your heart health. (more…)