Why Orange Juice and Toothpaste Just Aren’t Friends

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Dentist Conuslting with Patient in the Dental Chair O'Fallon, IL When discussing orange juice and toothpaste together, it is common to hear feedback about how terrible orange juice tastes when drinking it right after brushing your teeth. While this proves true for many people, the reverse relationship is equally disappointing. Just like toothpaste inhibits your ability to enjoy the taste of orange juice, orange juice can sabotage the effectiveness of toothpaste when cleaning your teeth if it is consumed in the reverse order. Here’s a closer look at why toothpaste and orange juice just shouldn’t be used or consumed together – or at least not in the same hour! (more…)

Get To The Root Of Your Tooth Sensitivity

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Although tooth sensitivity is a common problem, it should never be ignored. Those sharp painful sensations you experience when you drink or eat something hot or cold could be your body’s way of telling your something important about your dental health.

There are a myriad of causes for tooth sensitivity. If your teeth are sensitive to extreme temperatures and produce aching all over, this could be an indication that the dentin (or protective outer layer) of your teeth is worn down. Without dentin’s protection, your teeth stimuli are exposed. Acidic drinks and foods as well as medical conditions such as acid reflux or bulimia can cause the dentin layer to wear down, resulting in tooth sensitivity.