Root Canal Therapy: Heroic Not Horrific


Woman in Dentist Chair Awaiting a Dental Procedure O'Fallon ILThere’s no doubt that root canals have gotten a bad reputation in dental care. This is unfortunate. While root canals have long been misperceived as a painful and dreaded dental procedures, this endodontic therapy is actually quite heroic. Root canals save dying teeth – and that deserves some positive recognition!

What is Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is a special, time-tested endodontic procedure used to restore (and save) a severely damaged tooth. When a tooth is badly damaged or decayed, the inner portion of the tooth is subject to bacteria invasion and a painful infection. A root canal is designed to remove the infected pulp of a tooth and clean out any lingering bacteria. The inside of the tooth and canal is then filled with a special material in an effort to prevent future issues. In many cases, the integrity of the tooth needs to be strengthened as well, so a dental crown is often placed on the affected tooth following a root canal.

What if a Root Canal Didn’t Exist?

To truly appreciate root canals, it is best to consider what dental care would be like without this important treatment. If a tooth is too damaged or decayed for a dental filling to repair it, what would be your solution? If a root canal was not available, patients would be faced to either endure the severe pain of an infected tooth (and the infection spreading to nearby teeth) or having the tooth removed altogether. Losing a natural tooth is never ideal, as it can lead to shifting teeth, compromised chewing and speaking and other consequences. The empty gap will also need to be replaced with a dental implant to prevent problems.

A Painless Root Canal Is Possible

Not only is root canal therapy effective and necessary to save a healthy smile, it is not as uncomfortable as you may assume. In fact, it can be a painless procedure! At Soft Touch Dentistry, you will find that your comfort is our priority from the moment you walk in our doors. Not only do we offer relaxing amenities and chairside patient education videos to keep you comfortable and well informed of your procedures, but Dr. Thompson is also among the elite 5% of U.S. dentists that is licensed to perform IV Sedation. Soft Touch Dentistry has a full range of sedation dentistry options, including Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) as well as IV sedation to keep patients free of pain during their root canal procedure.

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